Welcome to YWAM Washington DC

YWAM DC has, from its beginning, been called to prayer, to American Renewal, and to training and sending youth to cross- cultural missions. 

YWAM DC was first pioneered in 1979 by Ron Boehme with a team of YWAMers that moved to D.C. living in house boats at the Bladensburg Marina.  A year in advance of a 1980 mass prayer gathering for America called "Washington for Jesus", this group was sent by God  to mobilize and serve.  This prayer gathering drew an estimated 700,000 people for a full day of prayer on the National Mall, the majority from the D.C. Region. This was the abundant fruit of their mobilization. 

After the gathering, Ron and the team stayed and planted the YWAM D.C. base where they ran training schools, held many prayer meetings, and did inner city outreaches. The primary property that YWAM owned as the flagship base was 133 C Street SE on Capitol Hill just blocks from the Capital. That property was sold to another Christian Ministry in the late 80's. However, YWAM D.C. still operated out of rental houses and had partnerships with other ministries for several more years. Eventually, by the mid-90s, the YWAM base closed up shop for a while as staff numbers dwindled down to very few. 

God was not finished though with YWAM’s ministry in D.C. In 2005, Jason and Kimberlee Hershey led a team of YWAMers from the YWAM Tyler Texas base. The calling God placed on the Hershey’s was to plant YWAM back into D.C. primarily for the purpose of prayer for American Renewal. This team partnered with other prayer ministries prioritizing 24/7 in prayer combined with specific intercessory prayer assignments. This prayer calling for America welled up into a mighty river. As the passion grew to have continual prayer rising to God in our Capitol, YWAM DC pioneered David’s Tent DC in 2012; a 24/7 tent of worship and prayer on the National Mall lasting for 40 days. This 24/7 worship prayer tent now has been running continuously since Sept 11, 2015.

In 2012, Dan and Carole McClelland, who were serving with YWAM San Jose, Costa Rica, were called to join the Hershey's. The McClelland’s came with a specific call to pioneer Deaf Missions Discipleship Training in close proximity to Gallaudet University in NE DC. In addition to the American Sign Language Missions Community that they lead, Dan and Carole also oversee all training schools for YWAM DC as Assistant Base Directors. 

The heartbeats of 24/7 Intercessory prayer for America, God’s heart for the Deaf worldwide, and missional training and sending (in the traditional sense of missions) are the driving visions and passions of the base today.

We love being missionaries! 

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